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Go Eun Clinic

Go Eun Clinic, a beauty service center, takes care of skin, scalp and body in Korean style. by a team of experienced physicians stationed in the care License number 10101049465. Go Eun Clinic is registered under 456 International Company Limited by highly competent and experienced management team. which is a joint venture between Verena International Company Limited and Nawamin 9 Hospital.

The Go-Eun Clinic is located in the center of foreign tourists. And near the area where various offices are gathered. The clinic is located in the Mahanakhon Cube Building on the 3rd floor, Silom Sub-District, Bang Rak District. When entering the building, customers can take the escalator. Or take the elevator to the 3rd floor to see the clinic immediately.

For traveling to the clinic that can travel in many ways convenient and fast Can travel by BTS. Get off at Chong Nonsi Station, take exit 3 and you can walk into the corridor connecting to the building. Or if it’s a bus, there are many lines that can travel to the building easily.

Origin of the name Go Eun Clinic

Go Eun means sincerity. In essence, it is the sincerity that the clinic wants to provide all kinds of beauty services to customers who come to use the service. got back out of the clinic with confidence in shape in service quality and friendly prices.

Products and Services

Go Eun Clinic is a clinic that focuses on maintaining body shape, Scalp and hair. If any customer feels unsure of such matters, they can come and consult at the clinic. “Go Eun Clinic is happy to serve you.”
For the products and services that the clinic has to offer are as follows (you can ask for more information at the clinic’s counter page)

1. Shape department
– Fat Killer removes fat cells permanently.
– Fat Turbo (G5 & Tesla4D split fat massage)(spot only)
– Fat Bomb massage to stimulate fat to break down G5
– TESLA (4D) new innovations enhance muscle and fat loss
– Bloated belly (whole body)
– Fat Injection Body

2. Hair department
– Hair PRP
– Hair PRP Biotin
– Meso Hair
– Meso Gun Premium
– hair transplant course

3. Body department
– Body Scrub assorted formula (whole body)
– Scrub, massage, skin bleaching, nourishing mask, permanent whitening (whole body)
– Cleansing massage, nourishing milk, nourishing the skin (whole body)
– Chocolate Mask (Whole)
– Pinkish white skin mask Strawberry flavor (whole body)
– back acne

4. Front Department (Face)
– Acne injection
– Press acne all over the face.
– Acne Clear
– Ultimate Aura treatment
– Rejuvenation treatment
– Facial Rivive treatment
– Bright & Glow treatment
– Dissolve pigment in specific spots
– Classy Shape, slender face, lift the wattle
– PRP MSC’s have stem cell properties. The slopes to create Connective Tissue help
create collagen and elastin fibers. including the creation of blood vessels and adipose tissue stimulate blood circulation Make the skin get more nutrients, making the skin watery, smooth, glowing.
– Meso Face
– Derma Glow

5. Vitamin Department
– You can ask for more information at the clinic counter page.

Location and contact methods

Go Eun Clinic is located at Mahanakhon Cube Building, 3rd Floor, Room F303, No. 96 Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok.

Contact Us. Go-Eun Clinical Clinic License number 10101049465
1. Call Center : 062-5639424
2. Channel Line AD : @goeun
3. Instagram channel : goeun.clinic https://instagram.com/goeun.clinic?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
4.Facebook channel : Go-Eun https://www.facebook.com/Go-Eun-10368213247458

Go Eun Clinic